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Deliver great content in many ways. Link to any web page, grow your facebook followers, promote your apps, view PDFs and images, play an video file or share your contact data.

Facebook Code.

Get more Facebook followers.

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Link to different app stores and increase your downloads.

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Link to an entire PDF with one code.

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Share coupons and discounts.

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Share your videos.

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Link to any content that you can edit later time.

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Share your image.

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QR Code use cases.

Business card.

By adding smartphone scannable QR Codes on business cards, professionals can set themselves apart.


Flyer marketing is a traditional method that many businesses still continue to practice.


QR Codes on brochures are the perfect way for your customers to transition from the paper in their hand to your digital content.

Labels & Stickers.

QR Codes are a great way to generate some excitement about your product via a promotion or giveaway.

Product Packaging.

Packaging has become so much more than just placing your product in a box. In a competitive marketplace, this is an opportunity to impress customers.


Printed banners are eye-catching and cost-effective marketing tools that are highly visible in busy public spaces.


QR Codes are the scannable graphics that you see on product packaging and advertisements. When you scan them, they connect customers with anything from newsletter pages to video content.

Newspapers & Magazines.

In the wake of the advent of online advertising and, in particular, social media advertising, print advertisements like the adverts found in newspapers and magazines face stiff competition in the race to maintain relevance in a rapidly developing technological landscape.

Table Tents.

Whether you're looking for a way to add a creative touch to your next dinner party, or you're a wedding planner who wants to provide as much information as possible to reception guests, it's definitely a good idea to think about adding QR Codes on table tents.

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